Etune's Journal

Ianward and I were spending a lovely day wandering the mountainside and communing with nature when suddenly several resounding explosions echoed throughout the woods. They sounded extremely close, and as we stared in the direction the sound came from we saw smoke start to rise just a few seconds away. We quickly headed to investigate and save our beloved forest from whatever was attacking it, when we noticed a Drow archer in the tree right next to us. Looking to purge this evil from the sacred mountainside we immediately attacked it, and as soon has we had started a cleric burst through the trees and helped us disable the foe.

Still smelling smoke, we ran to the tree line just in time to see a crazed goblin lobbing bombs seemingly at random while a paladin worked to put out the fire. Seeing that the forest was safe at least from the flames, Ianwood and I turned our attention to more Drow that seemed to be engaged in combat with the party in the clearing. We joined a sorceress, a fighter, the cleric, and the mad goblin in attacking the remaining Drow and succeeded in capturing them. Once we had gotten a chance to speak, I discovered that the party was on a quest to find the source of the strange behavior that the woodland creatures had been displaying lately. They had information that led them to believe that the source was a nearby mine. We eagerly joined their quest, anxious to restore peace and order to the wilderness.

As for the Drow, interrogating them as to who had sent them and why they were out in daylight proved fruitless. The sorceress and the paladin both favored taking them back to the city to stand trial. While Ianward and I were anxious to get on with the quest, and not particularly fond of the city, we reluctantly agreed that this was the best option. After trudging through the night in pouring rain, we finally arrived at the guardhouse in the city, where we put handed over the Drow. We were well received and we drank mulled wine with the guards and dried ourselves by their fire.

Eventually, the sorceress who I had come to know as Nymeria and I decided to go back to a room at an inn that Alistair, the paladin, has so graciously secured for us. Alistair, the crazed pyromaniac of a goblin Tbur, and the gallant fighter called Miro, stayed at the guardhouse to make sure the prisoners did not escape, unfortunately, they managed to slip away despite these measures. Alistair bravely tracked them through the night, but was unable to locate them. When Nymeria and I returned to the guardhouse in the morning and heard of this, we were also informed that a house had burned down the previous night inside a plague quarantine zone. Alistair was troubled at the possibility that it had been the doing of the Drow and wished to go investigate. However, the rest of us did not like the idea of further postponing our quest or going into a quarantined zone. We convinced the noble paladin that our quest was more important and went on our way.

After we had walked most of the day, we cam across a spider web that spanned the entire path. Never having fully recovered from the spider attack that nearly took my life years ago, I panicked and set the web on fire. Instantly, the enraged spider appeared and bit me. Alistair attempted to subdue it, and it quickly ran away. Thankfully, Tbur had a spare potion that healed me of my wounds. It was at that point that we decided to camp for the night and investigate the mine in the morning.

Etune's Journal

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