Miro's Journal

Game 1-Nov 12th 2012 game date
Journal Excerpt
Day 0
I arrived in Firinwillow with my current contract. The journey was largely uneventful except for a strange wild animal attack, coyotes of all things. Regardless, we are here and that marks the end of my contract.

Day 0-second entry
The trade quarter is under quarantine due to a plague outbreak?! I “decided” to stay at the only tavern not currently under quarantine, some place called the Stoned Gnome, hopefully they’ll have some decent drink and good company.

Day 1
Wandered the few markets that are still open these days, everyone is very on edge about the plague, this isn’t the only one recently and I have heard of others in places I have passed through. This may require additional consideration… But then, what can one simple warrior do in the face of plague, that’s more of a place for priests and wizards. Oh well, back to the Stoned Gnome, no one is hiring in this city and with a plague loose I doubt any caravans will be leaving any time soon.

Day 2
I overheard a table of people discussing their need for more muscle, not having anything better to do I put my name forward. Fortunately, that goblin Tbur from my last contract put in a good word for me. Unfortunately, he still needs a bath, badly. Alistar, their apparent leader, filled me in on their theory regarding both the plagues and the recent animal attacks. He says that their research indicates that both might be linked to some dark ritual or other in an abandoned mine. Sounds like a bug hunt but it’s better then letting my skills get dull sitting in an inn. Besides, Sarenrea always talks about “shining a light into the dark places.” It doesn’t get much darker than a mine shaft.

Day 2-second entry
Ambushed by drow. We dealt with them easily enough and managed to keep 3 of them alive. We also met a halfling druid, named Etune, riding a wolf of all things. Etune arrived just in time to help to distract the drow, making my life easier. Alistar explained our current mission and Etune agreed to help us find our way to the mine enterance, expressing her own concern over the strange behavior exhibited by some of the animals in the mountains. Alistar pressed for turning the drow into the proper authorities for trial and punishment. I was inclined to agree, everyone deserves a proper trial; even drow. So we set off back the way we came to turn the drow over to the authorities in Firinwillow, me carrying the litter containing their unconscious forms.

Day 2-third entry-this entry is badly smudged and almost unreadable.
Should have just killed the drow… We made it back to Firinwillow, but not before the mother of all rain storms came crashing down all around us. I’m not sure I’ll ever be dry again, although on the plus side Tbur smells less. The halflings are quite hospitable, so maybe I’ll be able to get warm tonight… Put the drow into a holding cell. I volunteered to help Alistar watch them until the morning to make sure they don’t escape.

Day 3
The drow escaped in the middle of the night… One of them must have been a wizard because the whole building went dark and in the confusion the drow managed to escape by prying out the bars in the window. Alistar panicked. He wanted to search through the plague zone on a hunch that they had escaped there. Ultimately we were able to convince him of his folly in attempting to track the drow down and we set out again for the mountains.

Day 3-second entry
We made it back to the mountains relatively unmolested. Etune spotted a giant spider web on the way here. Though I tried to urge the party to simply avoid the obstacle, Etune insisted on burning the creature’s home. The creature was as large as I had imagined and dropped out of the trees to exact vengeance for its destroyed home. We were able to drive the creature off in short order, thankfully with no serious injuries, and pressed onward towards the mountains. We’ve stopped what we believe is a few hours distance from the mine entrance and will continue the remaining distance when we are fresh in the morning.

Miro's Journal

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