Walking Cinders

A Brief Interlude

A funny thing happened on the way to the Caravanery . . .

As the economic fever ran its course, the band of heroes once more turned their attention to the problems of the world. While the town of Firinwillow rejoiced to be free of unnatural illnesses for the moment, the world at large was still at risk. After spending most of a day within the library of the Wizard’s College, it was determined that the resources there were too focused on the arcane to be of much more use than they had already been.

Two alternative sources of information were proposed. First was the library at Aspenbrook, known throughout the land as the world’s largest library. The party was also told that some monastic orders collect knowledge of various topics, and it is possible that one or more monasteries may contain knowledge bearing on the divine imbalances threatening the denizens of the prime material plane.

It was determined by Milo and Alistair that a discussion with the caravan drivers and guards would be rewarding. If anyone would know the location of a monastery, it would stand to reason that it would be those who travel the length and breadth of the world. If no such information was forthcoming, protecting such a caravan would allow the party to gain transportation to Aspenbrook and provide a source of income at the same time. Thus to the south gates they went, to the places where such folk enter and exit the city.

Before any information could be obtained, whether about the location of learned monks or the needs of the caravan masters, a strange fog filled the air beyond the open gates of Firinwillow. The fog aged and decayed all that it touched, including the gates themselves. From within those billowing clouds of evil and death came forth undead creatures to slaughter the good merchants and citizens of Firinwillow.

Noble and brave, the Paladin and his companions readied themselves to give fight and return the offenses against life and nature to their rest. As fate would have it, the heroes were not alone in this fight. Seatlin Tigersoul, whose shop, the Hammer and Tome, was near the south gate of the city, came forth to do battle at their side. Tigersoul bearing neither arms nor armor began to destroy the skeletons, and instructed the companions to take refuge in his shop. The lady Arsinoe and Milo removed themselves from the monk’s way, but remained to offer such assistance as they were able. The rest of the party sought the protection of the shop’s walls.

Almost as soon as the majority of the heroes had made their way to Tigersoul’s shop, the sounds of breaking glass were heard in many buildings. Skeletons entered the shop and began to attack the people they found within. Eventually, the skeletons were defeated both at the shop and the gates. The brave adventurers left the confines of the shop and began to prepare mounts to ride further into the city. A horn was heard and the mists suddenly dispersed. In the newly cleared air, Ogres could be seen advancing towards the gate.

Knowing that an Ogre or even two would be no problem for him, but deadly indeed for the others, Tigersoul sent Milo and Arsinoe to join their comrades in making ready the horses. As the first ogre approached, Tigersoul did quickly overwhelm it and lay it low.

Before he could treat the second Ogre similarly, another horn sounded and the fell beast, along with others seemingly coming from other parts of the town did flee into the plains. Sharp eyed Etune saw a mounted figure in the distance. The figure was holding a curved horn and seemed to be heading in the same direction the ogres were fleeing.

With the town seemingly safe for the moment, the City Watch came forth from their hiding places. The brave adventurers turned towards each other as if to determine their next move. Alistair vocalized their need to go further into the town to see what other horrors had been inflicted on Firinwillow.



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